ABI: Yoruba for Adults Intermediate

  • Course level: Intermediate
  • Last Update March 18, 2021

About Course

The goal is to get attendees to work on improving communication in Yoruba and converse with more ease and confidence. Attendees will express and participate in conversations on familiar topics. They will work on activities to convey thoughts about familiar topics or social issues using series of sentences, reading or writing Yoruba.


Our ABI Class is an intermediate class for 18+

This is a conversational class. 

Attendees of this class should already be able to  understand information conveyed in simple, sentence-length speech on familiar or everyday topics.  A good fit for this class can ask a few appropriate questions but with frequent pauses or  is unable find right vocabulary to sustain conversation. He/She understands some Yoruba, but may struggle to answer direct questions, requests for information.

Most attendees of this class, will almost always be at different levels of language proficiency.  As a result, the syllabus is structured to address these varying levels of proficiency, with the focus primarily on practicing conversations. Our basic goal is to meet individual needs as much as possible so that the class is not redundant for our students.

**If you are not sure what classes would be a good fit for you, please contact us.

Next Camp Information
Start Date: April 23rd, 2021!
Camp Length : 8 classes , Once a week
Days & Time: Thursday, 6pm CST
Duration: 45 Minutes
Camp Location: Online Video Webinar (Login information and Syllabus provided after Registration )

yoruba camp adult intermediate


  • I am 18+ years old

Target Audience

  • 18+