Learn Yoruba LIVE anywhere with a smart or mobile device or computer and improve your Yoruba skills in Only 12 WEEKS!

Yoruba for Adults classes focus on learning through natural communication. We learn phrases and vocabulary needed to have real conversations through activities related to the language and its culture. Our Yoruba classes will focus on learning through listening, speaking, role-playing and fun activities . Campers have an opportunity to practice in a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE.

Join our classes and get started in having Yoruba conversations with other eager learners.

“The extinction of a language results in the irrecoverable loss of unique cultural knowledge embodied in it for centuries, including historical, spiritual and ecological knowledge that may be essential for the survival of not only its speakers, but also countless others….The most important thing that can be done to keep a language from disappearing is to create favorable conditions for its speakers to speak the language and teach it to their children…. record as much of the language as possible so that it does not disappear without a trace.” UNESCO

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Yoruba for Adults 



Sep - Dec 

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12 classes

Yoruba for Adults



Jan- May

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Yoruba for Adults



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Yoruba for Adults

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Yoruba for Adults 

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8 Classes Min.

Comments from Our Campers

  • The instructors are easy to learn from and provide both formal and informal ways to speak Yoruba. I appreciate their efforts in getting each class member involved during our meetings and everyone is treated with respect no matter what level of proficiency they are at.

    Idris, Yoruba for Adults Beginner’s Intermediate Camp
  • Yoruba for Adults has been FANTASTIC! I’ve really enjoyed learning in this class style online. They teach at a good pace with no judgment. Oluko Matthew has a great teaching style and I feel a growing confidence in speaking Yoruba. E se gan!

    Fela, Yoruba for Adults Beginner’s Camp
  • I joined the camp with no knowledge of the language at all, and now have a very strong foundation. The course material is interesting, relevant, and easy to follow with the help of our very capable instructors. Would highly recommend!

    Monique, Yoruba for Adults Beginner’s Camp