Beginner’s Intermediate

“Yoruba for Adults Online Camp was truly a wonderful experience for me! Definitely a bright spot in my day and gave me encouragement that I could achieve improved competency of the Yoruba language. I now have more confidence when speaking to my Yoruba-speaking family members. The web-conferencing format was very nice and worked well. Our camp teacher and facilitator were great coaches and taught us with patience and humor. I would definitely recommend this camp to others!”

~ Titilope, Yoruba for Adults beginner’s Intermediate Camp

“I enjoyed the class a lot. It was extremely useful to attend a Yoruba class led by people who not only know the language but can also teach it and provide real-time feedback and additional context. For me, that was invaluable. Additionally, I enjoyed the group format because it was helpful to hear others speak and gave us to the opportunity to learn from each other’s successes and failures. “

~Taiwo, Yoruba for Adults beginner’s Intermediate Camp

“The instructors are easy to learn from and provide both formal and informal ways to speak Yoruba. I appreciate their efforts in getting each class member involved during our meetings and everyone is treated with respect no matter what level of proficiency they are at.”

~ Idris, Yoruba for Adults beginner’s Intermediate Camp

“This class was very helpful in not only developing my proficiency with Yoruba, but my confidence. We practice each week in our zoom meetings and as long as you practice outside of class, you will improve. I will be sure to enroll in any of their future courses!”

~ Daniel, Yoruba for Adults beginner’s Intermediate Camp

“Since this was an adult class, everyone came in at different levels. The instructors did a wonderful job challenging those a little more advanced while still teaching those who were brand new to learning about the language.”

~ Modupe, Yoruba for Adults beginner’s Intermediate Camp

“Since joining the Yoruba for Adults class, my confidence to speak the language has increased so much. My husband, a native speaker compliments me all the time, at the improvements I have made since the class.”

~ Seun, Yoruba for Adults beginner’s Intermediate Camp

“I love & appreciate the sections and promotions of the Yoruba language. I have referred people to the classes and still plan to do so.”

~ Sade, Yoruba for Adults beginner’s Intermediate Camp


“I have enjoyed this course. The instructors are warm, friendly, and create a judgment-free learning environment. Unlike Yoruba classes that I have taken in the past, this course focuses on oral skills and doesn’t teach by translating between English and Yoruba. Because of this teaching approach, I’ve grown a great deal in my conversational Yoruba without needing to translate in my head.”

~ Ife, Yoruba for Adults Beginner’s Camp

“Honestly, I did not know what to expect from this class especially since i signed up a week late. Once opening up the zoom chat I felt very welcome and was caught up on what I missed in the first class. The way the class and lessons are taught feels like a group discussion amongst my peers while also learning the fundamentals of Yoruba. I plan on taking more courses from this group since the experience was very enjoyable and the price is just right.”

~ Blake, Yoruba for Adults Beginner’s Camp

“Learning a language can be very intimidating but Yoruba for Adults creates a fun and safe environment to learn and practice! I’ve learned quite a bit in a short time, the classes are convenient and well structured. I look forward to future classes and have been raving about this program to all my friends!”

~ Toyin, Yoruba for Adults Beginner’s Camp

“Yoruba for Adults has been FANTASTIC! I’ve really enjoyed learning in this class style online. They teach at a good pace with no judgment. Oluko Matthew has a great teaching style and I feel a growing confidence in speaking Yoruba. E se gan!”

~ Fela, Yoruba for Adults Beginner’s Camp

“I joined the camp with no knowledge of the language at all and now have a very strong foundation. The course material is interesting, relevant, and easy to follow with the help of our very capable instructors. Would highly recommend!”

~ Monique, Yoruba for Adults Beginner’s Camp