YAE: Yoruba for Adults Elementary Level Class


A prerequisite for this camps are our YAB Beginners Camps.

This class will help you get further in your journey to learn how to speak Yoruba fluently!




Our YAE Class is a beginner’s class for 18+.

Registrants should be able to communicate minimally. They can understand basic phrases and instructions used in specific situations. He/she should be able to interact in a very simple way based on previously taken classes.

All Registrants for this class must already know basics  such as numbers, greeting, self introductions , can talk about themselves or members of their families.

To all our returning students : Please go ahead and register for this class if  you have previously attended our Yoruba for adults AB1, AB2, AB3 or Ab4. A short  proficiency test will determine what break out groups you will fall during our class sessions.

**If you are not sure what classes would be a good fit for you, please contact us.

This class is perfect for me if : 

  • I have taken Yoruba for Adults Beginner class ( YAB)
  • I can talk about myself and my family
  • I can do basic greetings
  • I can talk about what I did, I am doing, or will do later.
  • I need to understand simple grammar structures that help me form sentences on my own.

By the end of this class, you will be able to :

  • Session 1: Learn simple grammar structures and practice speaking or reading Yoruba excerpts. Talk about topics related to your daily routine or subjective topics, like aspirations, dreams, or opinions using relatively simple terms.
  • Session 2: Convey more simple thoughts, explanations, experiences, or concepts with moderate accuracy in full sentences and phrases. Ask and answer more questions and provide more variety of answers, about common and familiar topics.